SF directly works in 9 districts of Chotanagpur and Santhal pargana region covering 15 Blocks, 85 Panchayats and 1150 villages within the Jharkhand state. The districts and blocks are as follows:

  1. Hazaribagh (Ichak, Daru, Tatijharia, Churchu, Katkamsandi & Sadar)
  2. Ramgarh (Mandu, Patratu, Ramgarh, Gola, Chitarpur, Dulmi)
  3. Ranchi (Sadar, Bero, Khelari)
  4. Gumla (Sadar, Palkot & Raidih)
  5. West Singhbum(Manoharpur)
  6. Palamu (Patan)
  7. Garhwa
  8. Chatra
  9. Lohardagga


SF strongly believes that “Alone the changes are hard to come so work with Networks and Alliances”. Therefore, SF forms and/or participates in Networks and Alliances with agencies in consortium/ network to give voice on the issues of women and children in the state. It works jointly with local Community-based Organizations (CBOs) /  Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) / Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) / local governing bodies/ government functionaries and other stakeholders for greater impact.