SF believes that “alone the changes are hard to come so work with the network and alliances.” SF believes in partnering with those who are engaged in the process of women’s and children’s empowerment at local, national and international level. SF strives to forge the partnership with all stakeholders to inspiring dialogues from the bottom up, promoting consultations and consensus and engaging diverse stakeholder’s commitment and ownership in its programme and interventions. SF also is a part of the state level networks and shares resources with state-level organisations.

SF is promoting coalitions and networks such as:

  • JATN (Jharkhand Anti- Trafficking Unit)– JATN is a state level network of 14 grassroots level NGOs working in 13 trafficking prone districts in Jharkhand. JATN believes that Safe Migration and secure mobility is a means for combating trafficking.  Hence JATN works with the right based approach to deal with the issue of migration and trafficking besides broader issues affecting women.


  • JRC (Jharkhand Resource Centre)JRC is the technical support unit of JATN. JRC steers information collation and circulation, Alliance building and Evidence-based Advocacy for promoting safe mobility in Jharkhand among the JATN members.


  • GRC (Gender Resource Centre)–  GRC is the technical support unit of ASHMITA. GRC steers information collation and circulation, Alliance building and Evidence-based Advocacy to promote gender equality in Jharkhand.


  • Task Force on Alternative Child Care – Task Force is a state level network of 8 grassroots NGOs working to promote Non-Institutional forms of Childcare (NIFCC) in Jharkhand.


  • ASHMITA – ASHMITA is a state level network of 13 grassroots level NGOs placed in diverse socio-cultural settings in 11 districts of Jharkhand. ASHMITA aims is to create a safe and a violence-free environment for women and adolescent girls. ASHMITA involves men and young adolescent boys along with women to
    address gender-based violence and bring about healthy changes in the field of gender equality.