SF works both at the community level and the state level.

State level interventions include developing SF as a resource centre on Women’s Empowerment (Jharkhand Resource Centre), Gender Justice (Gender Resource Centre) and Child Rights and Protection (Child Resource Centre).

 The functions of SF at the state level include:

  • Capacity building (Thematic, Managerial and Advocacy)
  • Knowledge Management (Research and studies, Publications, Promoting learning forums and Exchange programmes)
  • Networking and Advocacy (Networking and alliance building, IEC and Joint campaigns, Policy dialogue and analysis)
  • Technical Assistance and Consultancy (Technical support to other CSOs, Consultancy support and services).

At the community level, SF has defined its strategic focus by clarifying its mandate and making a thorough analysis of its external and internal environments. To maximize the impact of its work SF provides direct field level intervention, execution and model building in the areas of Women Empowerment  & Gender Justice, Child Rights & Protection, Sustainable Agriculture & Livelihood Promotion, Health and Capacity Building &Networking.