Secularism and Inclusion: SF is secular organisation, independent of political parties and committed to the equality of opportunities for all, irrespective of gender, caste, creed, ethnic and other social differences in its policy and programmes.

Gender Sensitivity: Ensuring gender differences are taken into account at all levels in policies, programmes and behaviours and strengthen processes of social inclusion. SF aspire to demonstrate a different model for women empowerment and gender justice, child rights and protections and sustainable livelihood models.

Partnership: SF believes in partnering with those who are engaged in the process of women’s and children’s empowerment from state, market and civil society at local, national and international level. SF strives to forge partnership with all stakeholders to inspiring dialogues from bottom up, promoting consultations and consensus and engaging diverse stakeholder’s commitment and ownership in its programme and interventions.

Community at the Core: Ensuring that community remains at the core of programming, delivery and performance assessment by valuing people’s rights to participation.

Accountability and Transparency: SF is committed to adhering to organizational values, being fair, impartial and objective in decision making and demonstrating transparency and accountability in organizational behaviour to diverse stakeholders.

Work culture: SF is dedicated to deliver high quality results in a manner accountable to stakeholders, clarity of organizational roles and objectives, effective and efficient use of human, financial and material resources to attain its mission. Work culture in SF values excellence, quality, and integrity, openness to learning, knowledge sharing, mutual support and cost-effectiveness.