Capacity Building, Networking & Advocacy

SF believes that “alone the changes are hard to come so work with the network and alliances.” Hence SF partners/ forms networls with agencies engaged in the process of women’s and children’s empowerment at various levels (Local/ state/ National/ International).

SF is the lead agency of the following networks:

1. Task Force on Alternative Child Care – to promote non – institutional forms of childcare.
2. ASHMITA Network- to promote gender equality.

SF also is member organization in the following networks/alliances: At the State level:

1. Civil Society Network for Child Rights (CSNCR) to propagate child rights.
2. White Ribbon Alliance (WRA)
3. AMAN Network to combat domestic violence (SF is the secretariat for Jharkhand state AMAN Network)
4. Jharkhand Anti- Trafficking Networks (JATN) – to promote Safe Mobility and counter trafficking.
5. Forum to Engage Men (FEM) to promote gender equality. At the National Level:
6. Interim Working Group (IWG) to abate trafficking
7. ILFAT (India Leadership Forum against Trafficking)
8. National Network of Sex Workers (NNSW) At the International Level:
9. Girls not Bride (GnB)
10. Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)