About Us

At the heart of every human experience is the desire to survive and prosper. To live without fear, hunger or suffering. To imagine how your life could be better and then have the means to change it. Yet, every day, 1.4 billion people – nearly one fifth of the world’s inhabitants – cannot fulfill their most basic needs, let alone attain their dreams or desires.

Government of Jharkhand is Creating an institutional architecture through Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society for fight against poverty, Enabling and empowering for the poor to access better livelihoods and improve their standards of living would be one of the key objectives of State rural livelihood mission in Jharkhand. JSLPS aims to improve rural livelihood options and work towards social and economical empowerment of rural poors and women.

These are the subsistence farmers and herders, the fishers and migrant workers, the artisans and indigenous peoples whose daily struggles seldom capture world attention.JSLPS is working to reach out all the poor families of Jharkhand, link them to sustainable livelihoods opportunities and nurture them till they come out of poverty and enjoy a decent quality of life. Towards this, JSLPS puts in place a dedicated and sensitive support structures at various levels.

These structures intervene with the community through the following themes of Programmes: institution and capacity building, social development, microfinance and livelihoods. Empowering rural people is an essential first step to eradicating poverty. It respects the willingness and capability that each of us has to take charge of our own life and to seek out opportunities to make it better. JSLPS is working towards enabling poors to smile with dream…